Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Room 13 did so well coping together to make such great maths work. They all worked really hard to make it come out excellent. Room 13 I am so proud of the effort you have done! Thank you so much for a hardworking week.πŸ‘✊



This Term Room 13 had made progress to do an AMAZING OLYMPICS POSTER!😍😍 It came out in great condition, we had so much fun & enjoyed a day making this AWESOME art work.πŸ‘πŸ˜œ

Maths Area😜

Dream Houses-
Yay, so we decided to do some art & mix it in with maths. We all had fun creating our own *New Dream Houses*. Room 13 made great effort in to making these come out really AWESOME. Room 13 also had fun doing these✨
Please Enjoy!😁

Inquiry/Topic 😎

Term 2-
During Term 2 we all started to work on our Inquiry posters which relates to Participating & Contributing in our Key Competencies. Last term they studied on plants. Here are some of our art/topic work from Term 2. Shot Room 13 for ending off the term great.Enjoy watching our video😊